Joint Providership

Center for Independent Healthcare Education (Center) is committed to enhancing the quality of patient care by providing the healthcare team with educational activities that impact their knowledge, competence, and performance. Center provides this objective by partnering with non-accredited educational providers to jointly provide continuing education activities, both live and home studies across a variety of delivery platforms.

Center provides activity certification across many healthcare disciplines:

  • Physicians
  • Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurses (through NJSNA)
  • Nurse Practitioners

In order to ensure quality, independence, and objectivity of CME activities, Center strictly adheres to accreditation guidelines. We are also well versed in AMA, PhRMA, FDA and OIG regulations and policies.

Center offers comprehensive certification services including:

  • Needs assessment, educational planning, and activity design
  • Compliance with accreditation guidelines and commercial support guidelines
  • Providing appropriate certifications to maximize the impact of activities
  • Providing accreditation statements for use in activity announcements
  • Reviewing audience generation materials for compliance
  • Reviewing content in accordance with accreditation standards
  • Reviewing Evaluations and Post-test
  • Sending documentation of credit to participants
  • Summarizing Evaluations
  • Reporting to accreditation boards

Outcomes Evaluation

Center requires that all the participants of an educational activity complete an Activity Evaluation, which includes assessment of the whole activity as well as learner's self- assessment of pre- and post-activity knowledge. We measure the level of commitment in applying what they learned to their practice and patient care. Our activities are designed to measure competence and performance.

The unique feature related to Outcomes Evaluation that we introduced recently is the “Report Back to the Audience”. This is a summary of the data that has been collected in the Evaluation Forms that is made available on line to all participants 2-3 weeks after the activity's completion. This tool is particularly valuable in large-scale national initiatives. By sharing summary of data, “Report Back to the Audience” is an excellent way to:

  • Remind participants of what they learned
  • Encourage them to self-reflect and act based on commitments made by other healthcare professional across the country
  • Allow them to see shared problems, concerns, and possibly still existing knowledge gaps

Today's CME community, as well as the healthcare environment at large, is looking for continuing education that can demonstrate and make a positive change in the quality of patient care.

Center for Independent Healthcare Education can customize Outcomes Methodology and Evaluation to best fit the needs of your continuing educational activity.