Center for Independent Healthcare Education (Center) is committed to enhancing the quality of care of patients by providing the healthcare team with scientifically sound, balanced, and evidence-based educational activities that impact their knowledge, competence and performance. We believe that by arming the healthcare team with an understanding of the clinical application of evidence-based medicine, better patient outcomes can be achieved.

Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), Center certifies continuing education activities for physicians and pharmacists.

Center, in collaboration with non-accredited educational providers, has successfully produced initiatives in the therapeutic areas of infectious diseases, cardiovascular medicine, rheumatology, and metabolic disorders. Live activities have included regional meetings, symposia at national meetings, simulcasts, and webinars. Enduring material activities have included on-demand webinars, virtual professors, podcasts, educational websites, journal supplements, monographs, and newsletters.

We are leaders in the application of Adult Learning Principles, within the context of needs-based, independent and high-quality educational programming. Our CME activities, as measured through program and outcomes evaluations, help to close practice gaps and modify clinical practice behaviors with the ultimate goal of improving patient health outcomes.

Educational Initiative for Pharmacists

Zero Tolerance for Failure: Pharmacists Fight Back!

Outcomes Poster Session at the 44th ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition

"An important clinical responsibility of the pharmacist is to ensure the rational use of antimicrobial agents through the health system."

ASHP Statement on the Pharmacist's Role

The 2009 Initiative "Zero Tolerance for Failure: Pharmacists Fight Back" was concluded with a dedicated poster session held at the 44th ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 7. We thank all who were able to attend and discuss the culmination of outcomes study results gathered throughout the year. We hope you had the opportunity to speak with some of the distinguished faculty involved in this program as well as members from Vemco MedEd, Center for Independent Healthcare Education, SIDP, and the State Societies of Health-Systems Pharmacists.

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Center for Independent Healthcare Education has received from ACCME the highest level of accreditation "Accreditation with Commendation". Center demonstrated compliance in all of the 22 Criteria and was recognized by ACCME as a change agent dedicated to healthcare quality improvement.

Center is accredited by the ACPE as a provider of continuing pharmacy education with commendation for: 1) Educational Needs Assessment, 2) Teaching and Learning Methods, 3) Educational Materials, 4) Assessment Feedback, and 5) Evaluation of CPE Activity.

Featured Activities

This activity is designed to introduce clinicians to the concept map approach to address key unmet needs when managing serious Gram-negative bacterial infections, such as timely diagnosis, appropriate initial treatment selection, and assessing outcomes.

This activity focuses on reviewing the latest population-based data supporting the benefits of the HPV vaccine and offers clinicians strategies to overcome barriers to vaccination.

This activity builds skills in the understanding of how to utilize patient-provider communication and management approaches to improve patient health outcomes while reducing OAB disease burden.

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